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Elitas is a professional basketball player with the theme of "BASKET BALL IS A JOURNEY"

There is a sports lifestyle brand designed and produced by Jo Kurino.

As a professional basketball player to veterans to support the team from the JBL All-Star,

I have many experiences as JOURNEYMAN. In the game of basketball in the United States

I met and designed a long JOURNEY that I experienced in various playgrounds in Japan from the streets of Washington DC on a platform called apparel. Share the "joy," "regret," "lessons learned," "culture," and "life" that you gain through basketball. Featuring and expressing the stories of various basketball players.

The design is simple and pop. Sometimes he is a mechanic but has an edge.

What we pursue is classic yet modern .

Incorporate basketball culture as part of your life.

Japanese but American. American and Japanese.

Integrate American street concept, humor and trends into Japan. And, as insisted on the streets of the United States, I want you to realize various ways of dressing, not just wearing what is provided.

Based on the idea that "we are elite", Elites continues to run JOURNEY in basketball.

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